Landscape Design

Landscape Design forms an important part of the package required to be submitted for Planning approval. Land Planning directs and works in partnership with several experienced and talented Landscape Architects on each project, thus ensuring the schemes are well thought out and acceptable to the Local Planning Authority. For example the garden areas must be of an adequate size to meet planning standards, and should ideally be proportion with other properties in the area.

We are able to make an initial assessment of each site to determine its feasibility and to determine any landscape issues that may arise. For example the siting of a building on a plot of land is crucial, our designers take into account such issues during the pre-planning stage of a project, maximising the potential of the site, including gardens, potential views or vistas, planting and screening, if necessary.

Many potential development sites have existing trees and hedges on or around them, these can sometimes present problems or challenges when designing and siting the proposed buildings. Mature trees can be considered an important part of the environment and are often protected by Tree Protection Orders (TPO’s), if so they may not be able to be removed.

Established hedgerows can also be protected, especially at certain times of the year for example when birds are nesting. This can sometimes delay a project as an Ecological Survey may then be required, which could potentially delay or postpone a project from going ahead.

Existing trees and hedges can also have an impact on Highways as they may be considered to compromise visibility and road safety, should a new access road to a site be proposed.

Before projects can be commenced on site, certain conditions are required to be discharged under the terms of the Planning Consent, usually including more detailed Landscaping and Hardscaping design proposals, as well as planting specifications.

Typical examples of landscape and hardscape design schemes illustrating the standard of work submitted by Land Planning, and the levels of information required by the local authority can be seen in the link below.

Should you have a site or property which requires the coordination or integration of Landscaping or Hardscaping design please contact Land Planning.

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