Listed Buildings & Conservation

Listed buildings & conservation

Many of our projects have been located within designated Conservation Areas, in
villages such as Malpas and Farndon, we have learned that a sensitive approach
at the design stage always pays dividends. This can expedite the passage of an
application through the Planning Process by ‘getting it right first time’ rather than
having to resubmit plans or withdraw applications due to adverse comments from the
Conservation Officers at the local council.

Land Planning has developed very good working relationships with the Conservation
Officers at all of the Local Authorities in this area.

Listed Building Consent (LBC) is required for alterations or additions to buildings that
have been listed by English Heritage, or on new build or conversions sites within the
curtilage of a Listed Building. Land Planning is able to coordinate LBC Applications
alongside Planning Applications on behalf of our clients.

Please contact Land Planning should you require advice on such a site, or refer to
the ‘Listed Buildings & Conservation’ section contained in Planning.