Ecological Reports

Planning Policy particularly for more rural sites often requires ecological surveys to be carried out, in order to establish whether any protected species such as Great Crested Newts, bats, barn owls or other creatures are likely to be affected by a proposed development.

Land Planning has acquired knowledge and contacts with specialist consultants to ensure that the requirements are carried out to protect the endangered species whilst at the same time minimising the costs and potential impact on our client’s projects.

Over recent years Land Planning has commissioned numerous reports and incorporated the findings into a coordinated approach to Planning Applications etc.
We can offer advice to our clients on the best strategy including which seasons certain ecological surveys may be carried out and what form of mitigation measures may be employed to satisfy the conditions of Planning.

Note handling protected species is illegal therefore only licensed professional consultants are able to undertake this work, which can be extremely time consuming and expensive, potentially leading to prolonged delays in the process and holding up a proposed development, therefore our experience could save you a considerable amount of money!